What is BikeMic? 

BikeMic or microphone for bicycles is a device that you connect in between your headphones and music player (like smartphone). In order to do that you just plug BikeMic cable to headphone jack of your player and headphones cable into BikeMic output. From now on, music from your player is feed into BikeMic. BikeMic has a built-in stereo microphone which record sound of your surroundings and then mixes them with your music in order you are able to listen to both of them simultaneously.

BikeMic user:

  • listens to high quality music
  • listens to  surrounding sounds in stereo and high quality
  • regulates music and surrounding sounds volume

Thanks to BikeMic:

  • you can listen to music when riding a bike
  • you remain safe
  • you are aware what is happening around you (i.e.: approaching cars)
  • you may protect your health or even life
  • you may protect health, or even life of you kids

INFOGRAFIKA_ver2   How to gain access to BikeMic technology? BikeMic technology is available in two options. BikeMic_app

First one is an application running on smartphone, which is receives sounds of environment through built-in microphone and mixing them with music from other music applications. This solution gives moderate sound quality because build-in microphone is monophonic and is not designed to collect sounds from environment but allows to access BikeMic technology in very low price. If you are iPhone user you can download BikeMic app in the AppStore. Unfortunately, people using Android will have to wait for the application to be ready for them.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bikemic/id1019113323 BikeMic on the App Store. Seller: N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o. http://n7mobile.pl/ © 2015 MSL Laboratory, 2015 N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o.

BikeMic – music enhanced by sounds around you.

Application for simultaneous music and surrounding sounds playback. Application records sounds from your surroundings using built-in microphone, mixes with music played in your iPhone and feeds the results into your earplugs. You can play your favorite music and you will get all the important sounds on the street, in the office or home.

Short video below shows how to use the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGCqznKoUNU     BikeMic_hw

The second option is a separate device which is connected between music player and headphones. The device can be mounted on backpack, helmet or handlebar. It has built-in high quality stereo microphone which allows to faithfully recreate the sound scene around the user. People who would like to be the first to use the best quality of BikeMic technology can buy a prototype in our online shop:

http://shop.bikemic.eu/   Why it is better?

Some of you are questioning  need for BikeMic, while it is ok to ride a bike using single earbud or open headphones (ones which don’t cut you off the background sounds). Others try closed headphones, but with music level set very low. I’ve tested all these options and finally they all made me unhappy. Single earbud are ok when traveling in countryside, but in city traffic it is of no use as in order to hear you music, you have to set it so loud that you can eventually damage your hearing. Closed headphones treat you ear well, but music listened quietly lacks high tones and are nor surround.


BikeMic coupled with high-end closed headphones makes the difference. You are able to listed to high quality stereo music with full basses and trebles, simultaneously mixed with high quality, stereo sounds of surrounding scene. It makes you fully aware of what is happening around you, for example whether you going to be overtaken from left or right. BikeMic is equipped with two control knobs which lets you precisely adjust music and street sounds volume. When in city traffic, you keep the street noise at reasonable level so music is kept in decent quality and loudness, not exceeding safe limits. When in country side, you can pump up background sounds, take down music level and you are free to enjoy nature around you. BikeMic microphone is covered under protective fur, preventing wind gusts to be recorded when biking fast. All in all, all those features makes really good outcome, that, in most cases surprises those who were not convinced to BikeMic so far. It’s hard to imagine, because BikeMic is one of a kind, but BikeMic makes you feel like in cinema, adding to soundtrack to your bike trip.

Video clip below shows how people react when use BikeMic for the first time. We call it the WOW effect.

Some of you ask if mounting microphone on your back doesn’t cause confusion for your brain when turning your head.

In general, the difference between situations when the microphone is on your head and when it is on your back, is not so big when it comes to differentiating the source of sound around you. Below you can find links to videos recorded during testing of our first prototype. In the video made in the city Greg had BikeMic installed on his back while in the video made in forest I had BikeMic on my helmet. There is a difference in the sound but it is not so big overall, as I said.

City test movie:

Forest test movie:

What is current stage of project?
We have started with 2 prototypes of Phase A which proved that building BikeMic is feasible. Next, we have bought 3D printer for printing cases and we’ve redesigned  printed circuit board with electronics components. Now we are able to start small scale production of Phase B BikeMic model. This model is 3x smaller and 2x lighter than Phase A model, weighting no more than 60g. Additionally new BikeMic has Automatic Gain Control function which automatically adjusts volume level of ambient sounds in order not to drown out your music.


Isn’t the device too expensive?

We would like to offer BikeMic cheaper, but to build wind-proof, miniaturized, high quality stereo microphone we need to use components from the top shelf. This makes them expensive. Also assembly of BikeMic requires precision and a lot of manual operations. Additionally, in order to reduce noise we carefully selected low-noise components. All in all, to ensure high quality of final product we plan to setup production line in Europe, at least in the beginning.

Although BikeMic looks like a furry toy, in fact, it is high-end audio device.

What plan for building BikeMic do we have? BicMic development has been divided into three phases:
  • PHASE A - Building prototype
  • PHASE B - Small scale production using 3D printed cases
  • PHASE C - Large scale production using injection molds.


Phase A has been already finished. You can view photos of our new prototype.Phase B – small scale production – is currently being carried out.

Now it is time for phase C, which is real mass production.


So what can be purchased??

You can always order a BikeMic from phase B production. This is a  fully functional device whose casing will be manufactured on a 3D printer. Casing surfaces won’t be ideally smooth, they will have stripes, which is characteristic for 3D printing technology, but inside it is a perfectly working device.

Where can I learn more about BikeMic? BikeMic can be found in different information sources.

  •  Basic information can be found on the project website:


  • Additional information is available on Facebook website:

https://www.facebook.com/bikemiceu/ 11282566_1485128668443947_476904032_o   Partners:

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